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Irv's Music Workshop is a Rehearsal, Recording & Listening Studio.  Located
in Central California, the Music Workshop is Near the Base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is Surrounded by Various Types of Agriculture.  This Beautiful Environment Makes for a Relaxing and Creative Atmosphere for All of the Musicians that want to Come Out to Rehearse and Perform their Music as well as for Those Who Come Out Just to Listen to the Music being Played.

Irv's Music Workshop, also known as "The Shop", is Home to a Select Number of Bands and Musicians who wish to Rehearse, Perform or Just Get Together with Other Musicians for a Jam Session.  Many of the Band Rehearsals and Jam Sessions are Open to Those Who Want to Hang Out and Listen to the Music.

There is an Outdoor Music Festival that Happens each Year on the Grounds where the Music Workshop is Located.  This Event is Held in September and we call it "HARVEST JAM".  The Vibe at this Event is like an "Oktoberfest" with Lots of Good Food, Drink and a Lineup of Great Local Bands Performing their Various Styles of Music.  This Year, Harvest Jam 11 will be Happening on Saturday, September 12th.  Click on the "HARVEST JAM 11" Page Link at the Top of this Page for All the Details.

Contact Info:
                         Irv's Music Workshop
                         Tel:     (559) 638-1294
                         Fax:     (559) 638-1295




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